All relationships find themselves, at one point or another, at odds or in an argument. The important thing for a healthy, productive relationship is that the two people are able to work out their differences as well as establish, maintain and grow an environment of trust and mutual respect. This, however, can be more challenging than it sounds.

That’s where relationship therapy comes in. Counselling for marriage or partnerships isn’t just for relationships who find themselves on the brink of separation or divorce. In fact, countless relationships in Canada and around the world have benefited from therapy to strengthen their communication, and to create a better understanding of one another’s needs, wants, goals and desires. This all stems from effective communication, and from both parties being open-minded and willing to consider their partner’s needs as equal to their own. Relationship therapy has proven to be highly effective in accomplishing these goals. All forms of relationships and partnerships are welcome! (monogamous, polyamorous, etc.) To find out more, contact me for questions & bookings.

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Who can benefit from relationship therapy? Literally anyone! There’s no limit when it comes to age, experience nor any other factors. It simply takes the desire to have a better relationship. Any partnership, whether new to their relationship and looking for effective tools and habits – or who find themselves at a crossroads some years into the relationship – can make the most of relationship therapy and see great results. Whether it’s trying to “save” a partnership that’s on the brink, or making a proactive effort to create long-term harmony, I am here to help. We are inclusive of all relationship types!

For those who are experiencing conflict, our therapy sessions will focus on conflict resolution and finding new and stronger ways to communicate with each other and address your individual and collective needs. I use proven methods that address conflict, de-escalate the negativity and work towards achieving a better way for the two or more of you to maintain and strengthen your bonds. Taking the initiative in seeking a more balanced, contended relationship? I will help guide you to fostering better communication and using both actions and words that lead to long-term harmony and (dare we say it) a happier life together. Want to find out how? Get in touch today!

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Build A Stronger Relationship & Connection with Couples Therapy

Believe it or not, couples therapy and couples counselling isn’t just exclusively for struggling relationships – every couple can benefit from therapy. Whether you’ve just started dating, are about to get married, or have been married for 20+ years, a couple’s counsellor can help strengthen your connection throughout any stage of a relationship.

With every relationship, you’ll have the feelings of being perfect for each other, followed by emotionally draining arguments and disagreements. The goal of relationship therapy is to equip couples with the tools needed to be able to self-evaluate, communicate better, and really listen to each other to overcome any hurdles that might come up. If you want to strengthen your bond, improve communication skills, and stay on the right track to a happy and fully committed relationship, contact us today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Relationship therapy is a form of therapy that is carried out by a trained psychologist, therapist, or counsellor with the purpose of addressing any difficulties that are present in a partnership. By openly addressing these struggles, and discussing them, the goal is to find solutions that will strengthen your relationship.

Relationship therapy involves your therapist creating a dialogue that will help get to the bottom of your relationship issues. This is often done by asking very specific questions or engaging in a variety of activities to improve communication, trust, and better understanding one another. Throughout relationship therapy you will be equipped with skills to deal with your issues in your everyday life. From the first appointment, the goals should be made clear and from that point on, the process and progress is measured relative to those goals.

The first thing that people usually associate relationship therapy with is infidelity. It’s obvious that a betrayal of trust like this can bring about a myriad of different issues; primarily revolving around trust. Other common issues in a relationship that can be resolved through relationship therapy include: frequent arguments, poor communications, jealousy, expectations and assumptions, and sexual problems.

Relationship therapy is about learning to communicate with each other about your issues. On top of improving your communication skills, you will learn skills like: resolving arguments effectively, working through your problems together, understanding one another better, and always appreciating and acknowledging your partners feelings.

There is a common misconception that relationship therapy is only intended for when your relationship is going through a crisis. Anybody can benefit from relationship therapy at any point in their partnership. If there is a specific life event or hardship that you’re facing, then we absolutely recommend seeking support. Even when you’ve worked through the initial issue that you were seeking help for, on-going relationship therapy will continue to strengthen your relationship and provide continual support throughout your life together.

Before you’ve committed to seeing a therapist, do some research. Figure out what kind of experience the therapist has, what their background is, and whether or not they take insurance.

Once the logistics are figured out and you’ve selected a therapist, all you need to do is be ready to openly communicate with your partner and your therapist.