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Encouraging Psychological Flexibility

Discover Freedom through Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) is a therapy method that we provide at Unique Peace Counselling. This research-backed therapeutic approach gives individuals the power to live in the moment, embrace personal development, and improve their general well-being.

ACT is focused on mindfulness and teaches clients to accept their thoughts and feelings while committing to activities that are consistent with their values. By encouraging psychological adaptability, ACT helps people to use their thoughts and feelings as sources of information, rather than trying to fight against them. It invites people to:

Accept Their Experience: Accept their ideas, feelings, and sensations without condemnation or repression.

Clarify Their Values: Setting specific and meaningful objectives requires reflection on what is genuinely important to the person and what they want their life to stand for.

Take Committed Action: Create clear methods and doable actions to help people align their behaviour with the values and objectives of their choice.

Individuals can work alongside challenges in the present moment and lead a more meaningful and rewarding existence by adopting these elements into their lives.

Discover the Benefits of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

ACT and Autism / ADHD Therapy

Adopting Acceptance and Commitment Therapy can be very helpful for those who are autistic and/or ADHD. ACT helps people recognize and embrace their distinct thoughts, feelings, and behaviours. This knowledge, together with thoughtful acceptance, aids autistic people in better navigating the intricacies of their experiences.

Important advantages of using ACT in autism therapy include:

Improved Emotional Awareness: ACT aids people in identifying and being attuned with their emotions, something that can at times be difficult for those who are autistic and/or ADHD. This can also help with identifying hidden stressors that distance us from our values. 

Enhancing Social Interactions: ACT can promote more self-assured and meaningful social relationships by encouraging acceptance and understanding of oneself. This can also be helpful in unmasking.

Improvements in Communication: By helping people detect and regulate thoughts and emotions that could obstruct communication, ACT can aid in the improvement of communication skills. It can also help one to identify communication accommodations that allow them to align with their values more frequently. 

Empowerment and Self-Advocacy: Through ACT, autistic people can potentially gain a stronger sense of self, helping them to speak out for their needs and wants across a range of life domains.

acceptance commitment
acceptance commitment

A Synergistic Approach to Growth

Experience ACT with
Unique Peace Counselling

Our devoted therapists at Unique Peace Counselling are trained in using Acceptance and Commitment Therapy to help those who identify as on the autism spectrum and anybody else looking to grow personally and accept themselves. Since we are aware of how special each person is, we customize our strategies to each individual.

Feel free to contact us at Unique Peace Counselling to take the first step toward living a more contented and peaceful existence. We are happy to offer more details behind this approach if requested.

Frequently Asked Questions

Because of its emphasis on acceptance, mindfulness, and values-based living, ACT varies from conventional therapy. ACT does not aim to reduce negative thoughts and feelings directly, but rather uses them as a source of wisdom to better align with one’s values.

Through the promotion of mindfulness and emotional acceptance, ACT aids in the development of efficient emotional awareness techniques. People may enhance their well-being by developing a keen awareness of their emotions by learning to recognize and accept them without passing judgement.

A typical ACT session consists of guided mindfulness exercises, the identification of personal values and aspirations, the exploration of present difficulties, and the development of practical techniques for bringing behaviours into line with ideals. Therapists collaborate with their clients, offering support and direction all along the way.

Depending on their particular situation and goals, each person’s time frame for seeing development with ACT is different. While some people could see results after just a few sessions, others might need more time. Regular engagement and dedication to the process can result in favourable outcomes.


At Unique Peace Counselling, we are trained and have received specific training in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. We have the skills and knowledge essential to apply ACT procedures and to modify therapy to accommodate different client needs.

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