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A Foundation for Transformation

Our Core Values

At Unique Peace Counselling, we recognize that each person is unique, and we celebrate their differences. Our therapists are committed to helping clients to explore their values, whether they be autistic, ADHD or AuDHD.

Our therapeutic atmosphere is one of acceptance, in which we value neurodiversity and promote inclusiveness. We are committed to establishing a safe and inclusive atmosphere where everyone feels heard, understood, and appreciated, whether you are seeking assistance for yourself, your relationship or a family member.

Recognizing Unique Perspectives

What is a Value-Based
Approach to Therapy?

Value-based therapy is a counselling framework that emphasizes aligning one’s activities, aspirations, and decisions with one’s underlying beliefs. At Unique Peace Counselling, we understand that people who identify as on the autistic spectrum, as well as those who are ADHD, have distinct views and beliefs that influence their experiences and ambitions. Our value-based approach is intended to recognize and incorporate these personal values into the therapy process.

Our value-based approach at Unique Peace Counselling is a dedication to understanding and appreciating each person’s individuality. We invite you to investigate the transformative power of therapy that respects your values, fostering a journey of self-discovery, resilience, and long-term fulfilment.

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value based

Aligning Therapy and Values

Why Choose a Value-Based Approach to Therapy?

Understanding one’s personal values in-depth helps individuals, couples and families to better choose what they take on, as it serves as a framework for what will most likely be restorative to them. This approach also helps individuals, couples and families to set boundaries with things that do not align with their values.

This approach is also helpful when understanding Autism and ADHD, as it helps neurodivergent individuals, couples and families to align with what they value even if such values are counter-cultural. Aligning with one’s values also helps a person to unmask, which may promote better self-understanding, self-compassion and self-care.

Frequently Asked Questions

A Value-based approach to therapy can assist with self-awareness, self-care and unmasking. These qualities may also lead to feeling more energised.

Our therapists are trained to ask leading and inquisitive questions to help explore one’s core values. Additionally, our therapists will also invest a bit longer in intakes in order to see how one’s values may have changed over time.

Absolutely. We believe in the practical use of therapy in everyday life. Exploring one’s values can serve as a platform to internalize the therapeutic process. This can be highly beneficial, as it can extend therapeutic benefits far beyond a standard session.

A Value-based approach to therapy acknowledges and respects the distinct differences of autistic individuals. By adapting therapy approaches in a way that better aligns with a client’s values, autistic individuals as well as their families report higher therapeutic results.


Absolutely. Our therapists are skilled at combining value-based therapy with other evidence-based therapies as necessary. The objective is to develop a thorough and individualized strategy that suits each client’s particular requirements and goals.

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