Counselling can help alleviate emotional struggles and provide a support system to help cope with your pain. Through counselling you learn new skills and methods that can help you to self-reflect and deal with your problems head on. A professional can provide guidance and knowledge that you might never have thought of before to help understand your thoughts and come to terms with them.

Counselling and therapy are often used interchangeably but psychotherapy and psychological counselling have distinct differences. Counselling is generally recommended for behavioral patterns that are dealt with over a period of weeks to several months. Some examples of issues that require counselling would be: grief, addiction, and stress management.

In contrast, therapy explores more deep-seated issues from the past that are still currently prevalent in your life and affect the way you think, behave, and interact with the world. These problems can arise from single occurrences but can also stem from long-term mental illnesses like: anxiety, depression, or bipolar disorder.

At Unique Peace Counselling we are trained and equipped to offer both counselling and therapy to assist with your mental health needs. Get in touch with us today to discuss the best solution for your challenges!

Our advice is to go in with no expectations but to be ready to openly discuss your feelings, emotions, and challenges. We are here to support you and to listen to you without judgement or criticism with the goal of helping you through your issues. Therapy and counselling have a high success rate based on a clinical understanding of what a recovery from mental illness is, but results are not instantaneous. It is a process that you need to commit to and that will take time to help you gradually feel better.

Your connection and chemistry with a therapist has a significant impact on the effectiveness of your sessions. Perhaps the approach of your previous therapist didn’t align with your expectations, maybe you didn’t quite get along with them, or possibly it was a matter of timing and you weren’t ready to commit to making a change. The most effective therapy occurs when you are open to it and are honest with yourself and your therapist. We are ready to listen to you and hope to provide you with the solution that you are looking for.

As therapists and counsellors, we don’t prescribe medication. We are educated in medications for mental health conditions but medication is usually prescribed by a psychiatrist in conjunction with your doctor.

Our sessions are strictly confidential. As required by ethical standards of therapy and also governed by law, whatever you say in therapy, stays in therapy.

Often people are worried about the stigma of seeing a therapist. We are here to tell you that counselling and therapy are much more common that you think and that you are not alone. We all have problems and need guidance from time to time, there is no shame in seeking for help when you need it.