Providing Help with Mental Health

Mental Wellness & Mental Health Counselling

Did you know that more than 30% of Ontarians will experience difficulties with their mental health at some point in their lives? Unfortunately, most of these occurrences go untreated, unresolved, and can cause lasting negative effects on your overall mental health.

Unique Peace Counselling in Ottawa is proud to offer confidential mental health counselling for anyone in and around the Ottawa area. We want all of our patients to know that it’s OK to not feel OK. Feelings of unusual sadness, anxiety, anger, or confusion are totally normal. More than ever, people all over the world are experiencing mental health problems as a result of Covid-19. Unique Peace is here to listen, to care, and to provide personalized treatments to help our patients understand and learn to cope with their overwhelming emotions.

How Can Mental Health Counselling Help?

Mental Health Therapy & Treatments in Ottawa

Just like we go to our dentists and physicians to improve our physical and oral health, getting mental health counselling can help improve your mental health. Taking care of physical, emotional, and mental health is a healthy recipe to improve the overall quality of your life. But what can mental health counselling help with? When people engage in mental health therapy, they can gain the following benefits:

  • Improve self-acceptance & self-esteem
  • Develop personal empowerment
  • Gain skills to change bad habits & self-deprecating behaviours
  • Increase the ability to manage stress & anxiety
  • Improve overall mental & emotional health
  • Expand awareness of your emotions
  • And more!

The conversations around mental health are becoming more and more destigmatized. Unprocessed emotions and problems that were often overlooked can now be resolved with professional guidance. We are here to help you understand your unique personality and emotions to help you grow into the best version of yourself. Contact us to get help for your mental health with our judgement-free guidance, helpful resources, and mental health counselling services.