Many people suffer from anxiety. This is a general classification for many disorders that can manifest themselves in a person so that they end up feeling “nervous,” “afraid,” “constantly worried” or extremely apprehensive, among other emotions. Feeling “anxious” about a specific situation or scenario is perfectly natural. The problem comes when someone isn’t reacting to a particular event but rather has an ongoing condition – one that is holding them back from being able to function at or even close to a desired level.

Anxiety can be experienced as Social Anxiety, Panic Disorder, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) or a Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD). Symptoms include constant worry, restlessness / insomnia, difficulty concentrating, fatigue, feelings of impending doom… even panic attacks or conditions that mimic a heart attack (but are psychological, not physical). The good news is that anxiety is treatable. At Unique Peace Counselling, I offer therapy for people who are suffering with anxiety. Through a series of counselling sessions (currently conducted remotely), we will explore the root causes of your anxiety and how to overcome it.

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One of the paradoxes of modern society is that we as humans still have a very natural flight-or-fight response to many scenarios in life. This mindset once prepared us to battle the treacherous day-to-day existence that humans used to lead. Today, however, the burden of anxiety (beyond a brief or situational response) is holding back many people who suffer from it, causing them to lose productivity and feel bad about life and about themselves.

There is no shame in having anxiety. They key is to recognize it and to seek help – which, I can assure you, is a sign of strength. By getting assistance rather than letting the anxiety fester and grow, you are making positive steps towards retaking control in your life. I will help you address your anxiety head on, working with you to find ways of reducing the anxiety you are experiencing and replacing it with positive, constructive habits that can guide you for years to come. If you have a desire to stop letting anxiety hold you back (in work, school, relationships and more), feel free to reach out today to learn more and book your first session.

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Move Towards a State of Wellness with Anxiety Counselling in Ottawa

Anxiety is one of the most prevalent mental disorders in Canada, affecting more than 10% of adults each year. It results in debilitating forms of stress that lead to low self-esteem, social isolation, dependence of drugs and alcohol, as well as depression, among other problems. If you’re living with any of these side effects of overbearing anxiety, anxiety counselling can offer relief and help you move towards a better state of overall wellness.

The most common form of anxiety treatment is psychotherapy. The experienced anxiety counsellors at Unique Peace can help determine the specific type of anxiety disorder that you have and can address its underlying cause. You can expect to see significant improvement in managing your anxiety symptoms within 8 – 12 sessions. It’s important to note that results vary from one patient to the next and the different types of approaches and uses of medication can impact the time it takes to properly address and conquer one’s anxiety. Get started on the journey to overcoming your anxiety today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Anxiety is your body’s natural emotional response to feelings of stress. Those who suffer from anxiety often have recurring feelings and thoughts of apprehension or fear regarding what’s to come.

Some helpful tips for coping with your anxiety include:

  • Limiting alcohol and caffeine use
  • Accepting that you can’t control everything
  • Taking deep breaths
  • Seek therapeutic help
  • Get enough sleep
  • Exercise on a regular basis
  • Learn what makes you anxious

One of the most effective methods for dealing with anxiety is to get help from a professional. Therapy and counselling for anxiety can help you understand how your thoughts contribute to your anxiety and to learn how to reduce your anxiety symptoms.

Anxiety attacks are uncontrollable episodes of intense feelings of anxiety and stress that can occur without warning. Anxiety attacks are also commonly referred to as “panic attacks”.

During an anxiety attack you may experience the following symptoms: shortness of breath, a significantly increased heart rate, chest pain, overwhelming panic, and other signs of worry. Anxiety attacks are uncontrollable, unpredictable, and can happen during any part of your day.

Anxiety can be caused by any type of thought, feeling, or occasion that makes you nervous or stressed. Anxiety can be prolonged, temporary, a frequent occurrence, or it can be related to one specific situation.

According to Stats Canada, anxiety disorders are amongst the most common types of mental disorders which affect ~1% of the population. Many cases of anxiety go undiagnosed so the prevalence of anxiety could be even more significant.